Bryan McVey was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois in 1985.  He received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2008 and is a mostly self-taught photographer and artist based in Chicago, Illinois.



My work is dynamic in nature, and spans a multitude of spaces and environments, including travel, human endurance, the body, as well as urban and rural subjects.  The essence of my muse stems from experiences traveling both domestically and internationally while also training and competing in endurance sports.  Formally trained as an engineer, I use my technical knowledge and apply it to aspects of photography, helping to balance the formal approach and conceptual intent of my creative vision.  My desire is to create a more artistically meaningful and idiosyncratic vantage point of spaces, movement, light, and action.   Iā€™m constantly searching for the next location to apply my craft and strive to bring a more human connection to my photographs while depicting meaning of the subject.  I firmly believe in a photograph's ability to elicit emotions by creating a scene, which resonates beyond the initial subject matter itself, and allows the viewer to get lost in its compositional story.