Our minds are exceptionally great at remembering spaces.  Memories may be contained within an environment, either real or imaginary.  Most times the memory will begin in the actual space it was first conceived.  The feel of the weather, emotional state, related thoughts.  But as time passes and the memory fades, the space will start a transition to a dream like state.  Details become obscured, colors slightly off, physical location might drift.  Yet the space still exists, and we remember some form of it that we occupied .

The following series of photographs attempts to transcend this transition of a space in a memory, from reality to imaginary.  These spaces exist in nature, but the context of their existence might be perceived as on the edge of the mind’s creation.  Each one was occupied in the physical world, captured in the mind, photographed, printed and now exists again in the physical world in its new form, in addition to within the mind.  The following photographs can be experienced by viewing the scene and forming a new space within one's own imagination and completing the remainder of the story.